Stainless Steel Containers & Lunchboxes

Discover our fantastic range of stainless steel lunchbox, bento box and food storage containers. We have a large selection of sizes, shapes, and configurations available, including stainless steel lunchboxes with layers or removable dividers and plastic free lunchboxes.  There are also bento box style lunchboxes, leak proof lunch box options, and snack sized food containers available – all are perfect for when you’re on the go, or to use at home! Whether you’re looking for a quick bite or packing enough to share, our collection has exactly what you need – we have something for everyone! So why wait?

Shop our range of sustainable lunchbox options below.

Also available are small rectangular stainless steel containers that are perfectly sized for soap or shampoo and conditioner bars, but can alternately be used for snacks or nik naks in your handbag.

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