Veggie Bag


An eco friendly; reusable alternative to disposable plastic bags


The Reusable Hemp Shopping Bag perfect for Veggies

My Last Bag’s Veggie Bag is the perfect Reusable Produce bag and thanks to the amazing properties of Hemp fabric also doubles up to keep your veggies crisp and fresh for longer!

Did you know that plastic bags don’t allow your fruit and veggies to breathe, therefore your veggies will go off quicker and lose their flavour. Hemp is a natural sustainable and breathable fiber with antibacterial properties and is perfect for storing your veggies.

To make your Zero Waste shopping experience complete we suggest grabbing 1 or 2 Veggie Bags, 2 Small Bulk Food Bags and 1 Large Bulk Food Bags. This is a great way to start Reducing Your Waste by replacing disposable plastic and paper bags.

You shop and store in the one bag!

Simply take the Veggie Bag to your local farmers market or favourite veggie shop.

Fill the bag with your preferred produce.

Save waste by NOT using a single use plastic or paper bag.

Once home remove your veggies from the bag.

Dampen the bag under running water and wring it out.

Then place veggies back into the damp bag and store in your crisp draw in your fridge for extra long freshness.

Dampen the bag every few days to keep your bag moist and your veggies fresh.

Here are the Highlights

The Veggie Bag reduces food waste as well as plastic and paper waste!

  • Save waste ~ be an Eco warrior!
  • Tare weight is printed on the bag for easy checkout
  • Made from Unbleached Undyed Hemp

Ideal for carrots, leeks, broccoli, celery, cucumber, salads and leafy vegetables.

Store mushrooms in a dry Veggie Bag, they do not like moisture.

Eggplants are best taken out of the bag and stored in your fridge.

Tomatoes, potatoes, onions, garlic and most fruits are best taken out of the bag and stored at room temperature in a bowl.

Variations in the colour and weave of the fabric may be present, this is the nature of Unbleached Undyed sustainable fabrics. Please note this is not a fault in the product, but rather a beautiful display of what happens naturally. We personally love the variations that Natural Hemp fabric has and feel it adds to the beauty of our product.


Dimensions: W x H: 30 x 40 cm
Weight: 65 grams
Materials: Unbleached Undyed Dew Retted Hemp Fabric.
Care: To wash turn inside out and either wash cold by hand or wash on a delicate cold wash. Do not spin. Do not iron, bleach or soak. Treat me with love.


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