Bamboo Cutlery Set of 3 POUCH

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Reusable eco friendly 100% bamboo cutlery set in breathable linen carry pouch with serrated Knife; Fork and Spoon.


Be prepared everywhere you go with this reusable cutlery set.
Complete with a serrated Knife, Fork and Spoon in a chic and natural carry pouch.

No chemcials or fillers are used in their production.

Bamboo wood is boiled in water, dried in an oven and lastly left to completely dry in the sunshine.

The cutlery set comes with a nifty little pouch, ready to go whereever you go. The Linen allows breathability and will keep your cutlery set clean and fresh between uses.


Length: ~17.5 cm
Materials: Cutlery: 100% Bamboo
Pouch: Unbleached Linen
Origin: Assembled in Australia with love and care.
Cutlery harvested from the northern provinces of Vietnam.
Pouch made Ethically in China.


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Additional information

Weight 0.0462 kg
Dimensions 17 × 6 × 1 cm
Barcode 609301232815